Q & A Forum

Q: What is this post about?
A: How to start a discussion if you are new to this kind of thing.
Q: So, how do I start one?
A: Click on "comments" at the footer.
Q: Okay, what's that pop-up box?
A: That's where you can ask a question or suggest a link, tip, tool, topic, etc.
Q: Hunh, look at that. Then what happens?
A: It will be posted as a comment or written about as an entry.
Q: What else do I need to do?
A: You may need to log in or create an account.
Q: Is it free?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I ask a question or comment on any of the posts?
A: Yes.
Q: Who's on first?
A: I don't know.
Q: Isn't he on third base?
A: That's Abbott and Costello. They're on a different page…


anne said…
I'm enjoying your blog. I'm really glad you're doing it, because so far (I've started at the beginning, a very good place to start) the best gems are those that are new: I haven't seen them in your books (of which I have, I believe, all).

I'm a book artist struggling to find content. I enjoy making blank books but I want to go to the next level and say something. It's difficult. At the moment I'm mostly silent (as witness my neglected blog). I'm inspired by your books and this blog.

So thanks!