Potential 2021

Scrap Art Quilt: Keys

Video: Critical Opalescence (Tears)

Video: Critical Opalescence (Ice)

Video: Snapshots of Sea Glass

Happier New Year: Searching for the Light

The Hidden Cat: Art Quilt

Video: The Hidden Owl

More Teachings from Trees: Coppice & Pollard

If It's Sunday It Must Be a Video: I Found Out

Things I Learned in a Book about Trees: Wildwood

New Art Quilt: The Hidden Owl

Video: Alphabetical Lichencounters

Star 82 Review Issue 8.4 Now Available!

Video: Not Yet Nest

Falling in Love with an Idea

Bird Migration and Video: The Third Light

Some Extra Squash for Today

Video: Birds of the Bible: Quail

New Video for Birds of the Bible: Vulture