Saturday Is Library Day

Saturday may be a day of rest, but it's also a day of reading. Electronics are off and yes, that means handheld devices as well as computers. Books and newspapers are open, we're sitting together to read. Occasionally one will laugh and the other will say, "What, what?" and the first will read aloud or summarize something; longer discussions get fueled from these few moments.

It's Saturday. When the weather's nice I dig in the dirt and see which bugs will socialize with me, which neighbor cats will wind around. But it's raining, the day is dripping slowly. I make a special pot of tea.

It's Saturday, our library day, a walk away. We'll handle our library cards but no money, won't do business, have to pay the fines on line after sundown. Is this a religion? Is this a discipline? Is this a practice? I don't know anymore, but it's an oasis in the everyday.

So, every week I'm switching off and getting up to take a short walk to another world.

Ira Levin sings about the library in his song "Palace of Wonders" on his album Hyperactive Talking Cows.