Monday, January 17, 2011

Pocket for A Tip: Tip for A Pocket

As I went to leave a tip for the housekeeping services folks at the Biddle Hotel, where I was staying for the College Book Art conference, I wanted to wrap it up but didn't have an envelope. Hotel notepaper would do. Now, how to wrap? I began folding around the bills and ended up with this pocket. You could also apply glue or glue stick to the back of the pocket and tip it in to a book page. Yes, that pun was intentional. And no, I did not leave Monopoly money for the staff.

1. Hotel notepaper & bills
2. Fold paper in. (Paper: r-side down)

3. Take out bills. Fold up from bottom.
4. Fold flap over.

5. Replace bills. Fold up again.

6. Tuck in flap.
Behind the scenes: For this demo at home I creased my original extra piece of notepaper wrong (which would be confusing) so I scanned the paper and printed out the unadulterated facsimile that you see here. 

Acknowlegement: The background for the photos is the back cover of a catalogue of prints from Indiana University graduate printmaking, Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts, 1969-1991: Two Decades of Change.

For a completely unrelated but surreal and magical musical tip, check out Janelle Monáe's music video, Tip on A Tightrope.

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