Sunday, January 30, 2011

Talkin' 'Bout My Inspiration

Artists and writers are often asked, "Which artists influence you?" and "Which writers do you like?" and I saw it again here: "Which book artist do you find yourself admiring?" While I am not always interested in every artist, I am interested in every artist's process.

To answer the question, however, I have to say it depends on the book, not the artist. While galleries run their businesses with each artist as a brand, I believe that each work must stand alone, apart from the artist. I may seek out one artist or another, but I don't always care for all of his or her work. Some work touches me, some doesn't.

I am more inspired—because inspiration is the root of the question—by music, dreams, dance, drama, film, reading, all kinds of art, and humans in general. Music is the one art that has the power to make me cry. Film can move me. Reading a book can change me. Looking at art reaches deep inside and grabs me; it can shake me up, excite me, or just make me really happy.

I like to keep moving and keep my eyes open for art gems that are out there. They could be hidden. They could be by someone not yet known. The quest is part of the fun.

The person is not the art. The shadow is not the person.

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