Origami Envelope Pocket

What's that in your pocket? I've included this little origami envelope in most of my instructional books because it makes a good pocket you can easily attach to a larger book. You can also use it alone and slip a little square book, card, or tag inside. Or bind several together to create a a book with all pocket pages. For content, think about what you carry in your pockets, a favorite article of clothing with pockets, memory of clothing with pockets, or a narrative about a hidden secret.

Try making square versions of these books and cards to slip inside the envelope: X book (32), Shorts book (35), Pants book (36), Snake book (39), Twist card (43) Miniature Tied binding (shown above, 65). The Origami Pocket itself is also shown (186). Page numbers are from Making Handmade Books.


ronnie said…
I love little pockets to hold treasures - thanks for the terrific (and easy to follow) instructions
ersimarina said…
If I could draw in the comments box I would draw a huge, ear-to-ear smile! Just as I was about to leave a comment on your latest blog entry, I saw my name in your 'Around the World' list. So, grabbing the seat of my chair with my left hand to stop my body from floating to the ceiling, I type a 'thank you' as huge as my smile. I appreciate your gesture so much! Now my head is overflowing with all the book projects I've had no time to create and my frustration is nowhere in sight. Thank you for making me happy, Alisa!
And I must definitely include the origami envelope in my next project!
Velma Bolyard said…
i am going to borrow this for my (high school) students this week. thanks! and i'm grinning, too. this is a fun tutorial!