A Folded Multi-Page Book

A reader sent me a link to a video she made of the "Guest Book," a structure designed by Paul Johnson, which in turn gave me another idea. Here is a hybrid version: the Guest Book merged with the X Book. You get seven page spreads without any glue, thread, tape, or staples (please, no tape or staples, ever!) to hold it together. For content you only have to print on one side.

Fold a piece of paper into 16 sections: fold in half, lengthwise; fold both edges back to the center fold, accordion style; smooth out the paper, turn over; fold in half widthwise; fold the edges back to the center fold. Open flat.

For a portrait style book, turn the paper vertically for the cuts. For a landscape style book, turn the paper horizontally.

Cut a capital i along the folds: through, above, and below the center panels. Make two horizontal cuts at the edges, centered, one panel wide. (These are like the cuts for the Guest Book, page 51, MHB.)

Open the center flaps out like window shutters.
Fold up and in half, flaps inside and touching themselves on the same side.
Fold edge back, accordion style.

Turn over. Fold remaining edge back, accordion style.

Stand up the book.

 Push book together at the center (like the X book, page 32).

Wrap one page around for the cover.

There, I suppose, you have a GuestX book.

To see the layout of the page numbers more easily, click on a picture.


Anonymous said…
Hi Alisa, there's a binding that interests me and I haven't been able to understand how it works, let alone how to actually make it. First thing I did was look in your wonderful book, but didn't find it there among the "100+"... if you are familiar with "drum leaf" binding, would you please post about it some time? Thanks!
Alisa said…
This one is new to me, but I am hoping to make a model, soon. It was created by Tim Ely.

It looks like an Album Accordion (page 62) cased into a hard cover, only the pages are lightly glued on three edges (head, tail, fore edge). They could also be glued completely together, back to back: for this I would recommend Letratac Dry Mount rub-on adhesive to adhere the pages.

You can see what Letratac is here:

Tim Ely's 2004 article is here: http://www.philobiblon.com/bonefolder/vol1no1contents.htm
india flint said…
this is cunning and so much neater than the wandering maze book...built on similar principles but one continuous strip. off to play with scissors now, thank you!
Unknown said…
What a neat little book! Just for curiosity, how many pages should it contain from front to back for a horizontal book? Not sure if mine is correct! Thanks.
Alisa said…
Thanks, Patricia.

Paul Johnson's "guest book" which I've shown on page 51-52 of MHB has 14 pages, which includes front and back covers.

This hybrid version, either vertical or horizontal, should have 16 pages (numbers are shown on the photos in the post), which includes front and back covers.
Unknown said…
A very belated thanks for your info reply to my question!:)
A very happy last day of NPM to you!
Liked your posts and mentions of Lucille Clifton and others during the month.