Meditation on Creativity

Finding the flow—
Getting into the groove, the zone—
that spring of creativity;
you just have to tap into it.

Creative sources hide in the body—
between sleeping and waking,
self-hypnosis, meditation,
the eye of the emotional storm.
How do you get there?

It is not a forced path, but a focused one.

From the chair where you sit or the road where you walk:
Be aware of the edges of your body—
The distance between the tip of your finger
and the paper; your shoulder
and the shoulder of another person in the room—
The distance between your cheek
and the light source: the lamp or sun: within or without.

Feel your edges—
Listen to your breaths—
Inhabit your body.

A pleasant sensation, vibration, a calming warming and cooling, a moving—
What surfaces? Light it up—
claim it and carry it—
Dive down, dive down deeply,
and let the
voices / images / notes / colors / words
roll through you and out
past the edges
and beyond.


Anonymous said…
So true! Thank you!!!
Unknown said…
Beautiful words on this theme! Picture is inspiring!
Alisa said…
Dave and Patricia, thank you both!