Friday, February 17, 2012

Making Another Felt Book (1): Layered Color

For this felt book you wet-felt three layers of dry wool roving into one sturdy piece of fabric that does not ravel or tear. A benefit of this process is that you can use different a color for each layer. Contrasting colors work well. In this example, the outer layers are dark blues, purples, and blacks, and the inner layer is peach, light brown and dark brown. For added interest, include some mesh and fabric in the inner layer. Once the wool has been completely felted you can use a small sharp scissors to cut through an outer layer and expose the inner colors.

See Making a Felt Book for detailed instructions on wet-felting.

First layer

Beginning second layer

Second layer with included fabrics

Second layer

Third layer

Wet-felting the layers

The felt

Cutting one page and a cover

Trimming the page to fit

Cutting into one layer

Exposing the mesh fabric

Cutting into one layer

Exposing the inner layer color
Next up: Needlefelting large areas of color

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