Making Another Felt Book (2): Needlefelted Areas

To add large blocks of color to your wet-felted fabric you can use pieces of wool sweaters, other wool scraps—perhaps from previous felting projects—or you can needlefelt the dry wool roving to the dry felt. You will probably want both a single felting needle and a multi-needle tool, both available at some craft stores and also through online sources such as Black Sheep Designs.

Take the roving and lightly needlefelt it in place, tacking it down to start. Use the multi-needle tool to affix most of it. Go back to the single needle and clean up the edges. You'll be able to see how much fiber you have felted through by looking at the back. It is up to you if you want to make the new area perfectly flat or leave raised areas. For this little clementine (or The Big Orange Splot ) I wanted the edges secure and flat, but the center slightly raised.

To Bind: machine or hand sew the folded page to the center of the cover. See this post for an example with multiple pages, but the idea is the same.

Next up: (Creative Process and) Finishing