Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making a Cigar Box (4): Finishing

This is the last installment of the hinged box tutorial. Here we cover the inside of the box, apply bookcloth to the underside of the base, and add an image to the recess in the lid.

Tools: pencil; metal ruler; bone folder; PVA; glue brush; magazines for scrap paper; scissors; long strip of scrap paper for measuring
Materials: bookcloth; decorative paper; box base with attached lid

Take a long strip of scrap paper and place it inside the box base, resting at the wall furthest from the hinge, bringing it up the opposite wall and over the hinge and lid, stopping just before the absolute edge of the lid (it will cover the turn-ins already there). Use this paper strip for a guide to the length of decorative paper you will need. The width is measured as just a tiny bit smaller than the inside of the box base, side to side.
Apply glue to the back of the decorative paper. I used a paste paper frottage I had made on a different day. (See p. 107 in Painted Paper: Techniques & Projects for Handmade Books & Cards for instructions.) Position and press down inside the box and over the hinge and lid.
Use the bone folder to smooth the paper into the box base and into the grooves between the base and the lid.
Cut a piece of bookcloth just smaller than the outside of the box base. It should overlap the turn-ins already there.
 Apply glue to the entire back of the book cloth.
 Press the bookcloth into place, centered.
 Smooth the cloth with a bone folder.
Apply glue to the back of the oval or shape or title strip you will put in the recess on the outside of the lid.
 Press the shape into the recess and smooth it down.

Completed Piece

The Bones of Crows, 2012

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Mugford said...

Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. I just made my second version of this box, this time with a partition for pencils and a sharpener, plus a magnetic closure, and your instructions are very easy to follow.