A Butterfly, Cactus Flowers & Fleeting Beauty

The spring in 2008 that I found Swallowtail caterpillars on my parsley I went into the garden daily. A chrysalis eventually became transparent, and I invited a young family over to watch; we got outside just in time to see the butterfly emerge. Neither I nor the little girl in our company had ever seen this before. But the little girl was not as excited as I was.  There was no way I could convince her that this beautiful moment was not a daily event. The family left. I stayed with the butterfly while its wings dried and until it took off and flew away.

May 17, 2012, I discovered a woman up the hill taking pictures of cactus flowers. I had walked by the cactus almost daily for years and had never seen the cluster of riotous pink petals before. When I commented, she said a man a few doors down had told her they only bloom for a couple days and when the sun comes out they close up. True or not, I didn't want to miss the occasion, and I joined her in the photo session. (It was true. They were closed when I visited again, five days later.)

Staying still. Watching carefully. Revisiting familiar places. Inspiration is abundant and waiting.

Those Who Wait Can Walk Through Walls, 2008

Book photo by Sibila Savage


Velma Bolyard said…
those who wait CAN INDEED walk through walls!
it's all about waiting.
hard to do in bug season up here!
Penny said…
Your fun envelope arrived last week, brought back memories of Berkeley, using the Bart with great trepidation!Thank you so much, and also your very inspirational books I use as references all the time.isder20
Alisa said…
Wow, Penny. I mailed that in February!