Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Book Art Gallery

or What I did on My Summer Vacation. If you have been reading, you have seen some of the work in the making, particularly Cactus Couple, which showed wet felting and needle-felting, The Bones of Crows, which started out as a cigar box tutorial, Let Me See: 20/30, with thirty-word stories inspired by the Safety Pin Review, Gangster, with altered text and a Jacob's ladder, and Shadows of Language, inspired by Sashiko.

Cactus Couple
Who can judge the success of a marriage?
Take the pearl-headed pins out of the felt book and
push them into the cactus egg while you read.

The Bones of Crows
The bones of crows are hollow.
What weighs them down?

Let Me See: 20/30
Vision is askew in these twenty thirty-word stories.
Read the book. Pin the patches to your clothes,
or hook them together and hang them on your wall.
Check your eyes with the 20/30 line of the eye chart
stenciled inside the lid.

A Delicate Situation
Different cultures hold different things in high esteem.
Is that really a bird's leg?

You Thought You Wanted to Be Invisible
All those conventions, all those politicians in suits
are taken care of by many someones. The invisible
people make things happen. They are never in the pictures
in the newspapers (non-photo blue). The notepad 
is from "Hotel Never Mind" and contains excuses and notes 
from guests to the maid service,
generally regarding the tip.

A found book about true crime. 
A found gangster who committed true crime. 
Look! A bag of shredded money!

The Daily Bean
The Daily Bean
The Daily Bean
Growing beans in a cup for art is not all that it seems.
Read the diary, handle the glass object, wonder if 
there are red beans in the felted object. (hint: yes.)

Above photos by Sibila Savage.

And, hot off the press, two books in a box which also contains a well with the words from both books: Shadows of Language: What He Meant and Shadows of Language: What She Meant. Same text, except that the genders are swapped. Very strange when we confront our assumptions…

Thank you, readers, for your continuing inspiration.

Watch for these books at the Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, CA.

And you can now order a copy of the first twenty-six, short-short stories and photos in book form: Sidewalk Story, the book, is now available from CreateSpace and from Amazon: Sidewalk Story.

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