A Box with a Shelf in the Lid

The tarot collection got its box, designed as requested. The birthday guy wanted a shelf in the lid, a slipcase really, for the Linweave deck because it was so large, and he did not want to have to remove all the little decks to get to it. I think this hybrid structure is best for smaller, lighter books or objects, so I made The Crow's Library to try it. (The crow collected popular culture from 2012.) After I showed the little box to my college class, it took on new life in one of my student's projects.

And student work:
Soapbox by Tazetta Yerkes, 2012

She added a drawer with a paper pull.
Looks sweet, doesn't it?
Deceptively so.
The contents are thought-provoking.
Under the label closure on the lid
is written, "Wash your hands and come to the table, she said."

 She carved words into little soaps
and made tiny tunnel books
with images concerning animal rights issues.
Each soapbox is labeled with a meal and  the word "before": 
breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So many metaphors here, and none need explaining.


Lynn said…
These are lovely!
Velma Bolyard said…
oh, this is a marvelous chain of work, connected, yet very singular!
Annie said…
I love these!
best, Annie