Star 82 Review 1.1 Is Here!

Happy Spring! The first issue of Star 82 Review, the art and literary online and print magazine is on the website and available for purchase, should you so desire to hold one in your hands (yes!). Each work included is a gem; the process of selecting the work was like compiling a wonderful mix tape to share. The pieces contain humor and heart, quirkiness and poignancy. Every one of them stuck with me long after I was finished reading or viewing it. We've got some interesting objects as pivot points: a pineapple, a ruler, a baseball, a scarecrow, and more.

Piece of cake? Not exactly. I had to do a fair amount to get to this point. Chose the name and paid for the domain (about $20). Got a webhosting service and paid for the website (about $6-10/month). Got a technical someone to write the basic code for the web pages I designed and now I am managing basic html (with help) and using TextWranglerSet up a Submittable (free up until more than 100 submissions/month, then $10/month) account to manage and accept online submissions. Interacted with the contributors, sometimes lightly editing or asking for minor changes. I finally learned InDesign (I have an old version), but only by taking advantage of the myriad of videos online, particularly on setting up the document size, creating master pages, and using character styles. Set up a CreateSpace account (free) and uploaded a pdf to print and sell the print copies. Set up a Facebook page (free) for the magazine. Sent out emails. Ordered proofs. Made corrections. Ordered more proofs. Finally approved a proof. ($8 each x 3). Ordered ten copies for promotions ($50). Total projected annual cost: $154-$285. Projected income: $80. So, you see how it goes. I'm considering it part of my working-for-love or entertainment budget…

While many larger magazines are folding or charging submission fees to stay afloat, online and print-on-demand magazines are actually growing in number, particularly those that don't have the overhead cost of a print component. Additionally, they offer so much variety that there is a venue for nearly every writer, artist, and reader. As I examine the works in the new Star 82 I see that I'm looking for humor, a little edge, and a large dose of what it means to be human.

Even though I don't plan or expect to make any money from this venture (and I will never charge a submission fee) I'm learning a huge amount (about organizing and about writing and editing), meeting some lovely people, and am enjoying the ride. On to 1.2!

Thanks to the 1.1 Contributors for Their Wonderful Work!
  • Stephen Ajay
  • Hugh Behm-Steinberg
  • Lauren Guza Brown
  • William Copeland
  • Leonard Crosby
  • Marie C. Dern
  • Jane Downs
  • Gina
  • Jim Hair
  • Alan D. Harris
  • William D. Hicks
  • Jnana Hodson
  • Paul Hostovsky
  • Alastair Johnston
  • Maureen Kingston
  • Lisa Kokin
  • Ron. Lavalette
  • Jonathan Lethem
  • Rachel Smith
  • Judith Tannenbaum
  • Mary Whiteside & Alan Whiteside
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Sue said…
Just spent a while enjoying this on-line publication.
I am lost within some of the words especially the story of the child and the pineapple.
All in all this publication is wonderfully thought provoking.
Thank you