Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Found Paper Cover for Journal

The Crossed-Structure Binding, created by Carmencho Arregui, is a binding that employs only sewing for structure and stitching for structure and decoration. This post is an overview; the detailed instructions are in Making Handmade Books (page 150) and you can also see Arregui's description and history of the structure on her website. Mostly, I'm showing here how a drawing paper cover can be repurposed for a CSB cover.

I'm using the cover from an empty pad of 18" x 24" drawing paper.

Actually, I'm using only a strip, cut parallel to the long edge (grained short).


It is three times the width of my folded pages.

I want the word "raw" on the front, so I arrange the paper and cut the center third into five strips: two attached to the left section, three attached to the right.

I sew the pages to the two-strip piece (back) using a traditional multiple signature binding with kettle stitches. (It's like sewing over tapes.)

After I weave the covers and sew down the strips I add little ties at the spine to decoratively bundle the stitches. (The ties are optional. If your stitches are too loose, this is also a good disguise.)

The book below is made from watercolor paper pages and 
the cover from a watercolor paper block.

This journal should hold up well, and it feels comfortably ordinary.


Roberta said...

I made this last week using your directions in the book and I really like it. I like the idea of sewing down the threads afterwards since my threads do seem a bit loose. I will try that. You are right about it feeling comfortable. I like the way it feels in my hand.

Barbara Smith said...

I adore your "Making Handmade Books" book and from it exclusively have learned what little I know about bookbinding. Seeing these two wonderful examples makes me want to try my hand at the Crossed-Structure Binding. Thanks so much for sharing!
Peace & Love,

Photocat said...

ok, this one I will make next week. Tomorrow is book making class with Joan Newall, but next week I am home to do my own thing. And that will be a found paper book. Thanks Alisa...