Star 82 Review: Issue 1.2

Our latest issue of Star 82 Review is now available for your perusal and purchase, should you so desire to own your very own. All proceeds go toward maintaining the costs of the magazine.

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In the spirit of summer travel this issue features personal essays, poems, and stories that revolve around planes, trains, and automobiles. Layered and worthy of multiple readings, these pieces deal with parents and children, dreams and daydreams, life cycle events and life in general. Even the most fanciful pieces feel emotionally true.

The artwork is broad and colorful: photographs, altered postcards, a painting, and a ballpoint pen drawing. Leading this second issue is a page from A Humument app by Tom Phillips, king of the erasure text. (See my previous blog post about the app). Of particular note: artists and writers who make books, Susan E. King and Philip Zimmermann each have contributed pieces of postcard lit.

Ace Boggess
Daniel Buckwalter
Francis DiClemente
Kelly DuMar
Melanie Faith
Merlin Flower
Howie Good
Derek Graf
Kathleen Johnson
Susan E. King
Andrea Lewis
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
Andrea Marcusa
M.V. Montgomery
Norman J. Olson
Richard King Perkins II
Tom Phillips
Charles Rammelkamp
Zack Rogow
Fabio Sassi
Merry Speece
Judith Tannenbaum
William Vernon
Changming Yuan
Philip Zimmermann

If you would like to submit work for future issues, please read the magazine to get a feel for the subject and style I'm interested in, and then follow the guidelines at

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Helen Howes said…
Nice link, but "always free"?
Alisa said…
Yes! You can always read each entire issue of Star 82 Review online for free. Or you can choose to purchase a print copy, that is, if you prefer to read it on paper and would like to support the venture.
Helen Howes said…
The link took me to a Pay Page, so I was puzzled.. I'd still like to read this online..

Alisa said…
Sorry for any confusion. I've fixed it now so you should be able to get directly to the online version. A link to the print version for each issue is now only at the bottom of each of the Contents pages.