Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Star 82 Review 1.3 Is Live!

The third issue of Star 82 Review is now live online and you can read it! Star 82 (*82) is the art and literary magazine I began last March. I receive between 100-300 submissions per month and choose the strongest 25-35 pieces to feature.

Many of the pieces in issue 1.3 comment on the person who may feel displaced, unsure, or uneasy. Sometimes the character finds community or a new path, occasionally s/he does not. For a few examples: we find a boy contemplating contrasting fathers and morality during a fishing trip; a young gay man longs for love like that of his favorite superhero; participating in a cancer walk, a woman is conflicted about her role as a survivor; a daughter writes a poem about her special father.

We find lyrical work by Maxine Chernoff, Jaime Robles, and Alastair Johnston, among others, including a mirrored piece in Portuguese and English by Desirée Jung. We are featuring art by Shelton Walsmith, who created terrific covers for books by Italo Calvino (mentioned at the end of this post), as well as wonderful work by many, many talented folks.

All are thoughtful, some are playful, a balance of humor and seriousness, humility and confidence. This issue is meant to delight you with "lively, beautiful and buoyant tales" (Robert Louis Stevenson) and imagery that will light your way.

Contributors to *82 Review 1.3
Daniel Aristi
Glen Armstrong
Aleithia Burgess
Maxine Chernoff
Belinda Chlouber
Sharyl Collin
Mira Desai
Howie Good
Clinton Van Inman
Alastair Johnston
Nick D'Annunzio Jones
Desirée Jung
Nicola Lane
Erica Lemley
Margarita Meklina
Richard Olsen
John Palen
Jaime Robles
Luz Marina Ruiz
Susan Rukeyser
Miriam Sagan
Holly Simonsen
V.A. Smith
Bekah Steimel
Charles Theilman
Nikki Thompson
Christine Tierney
Eric Tran
Shelton Walsmith
MM Wittle

Read online: http://star82review.com/1.3/contents.html

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