Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Sgraffito Process for Ceramics on a Bowl

Here is the sgraffito process for the bowl of Mixed Knots I made as a wedding present. 

Starting with the bisqueware and some drawings to work from

Painting three coats of the dark color (in this case, black or Black Lab)

Painting three coats of a light color (Sweet Pea)

Painting the inside with Rockin' Red

Drawing lightly with regular pencil, then carving with the needle tool and brushing away the crumbs

Highlighting some of the knots with a tiny brush dipped in Orange Crush, Arizona Sun, and Orange Peel, Mash (oh, I get it, M*A*S*H, like the show about the Korean war: Army Green), and Leap Frog. (Who gets to name these colors?)

Drawing inside with ceramic pencil

Not satisfied with the ceramic pencil over the glaze and painting it over with Black Lab—A few dots in Mash between the kinds of knots—The rim painted with Arizona Sun.

And…You're Fired!

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dinahmow said...

That is a thing of beauty! Thank you for showing your process,Ailsa.