JOY to the Art-O-Mat

Here is a little surprise that came to me out of the Art-O-Mat at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento last summer.* These old vending machines now house art from a variety of artists. Even though you can see them all through the window of the Art-O-Mat, you still may not be quite sure what you are buying. Each piece costs one token ($5). If you send a prototype and become an approved artist, you must then create a minimum of 50 pieces to a specified size (2 1/8" x 3 1/4" x 7/8" or 54mm x 82mm x 21mm), send them in on consignment, and receive $2.50 for every piece that is sold. You can see their guidelines here.

This piece was made by photographer Ron Nath. Three pieces of his, in color, may be found here and here and here. This one seemed appropriate to share with you now. 

Until next year, then…

*Addendum 26 Dec 2013: From their map, I saw only two near me, but no! I wrote to the Art-O-Mat folks inquiring about other NorCal Art-O-Mats and Clark told me of the other venues in San Francisco—American Conservatory Theatre; and RayKo Photo Center; and the Exploratorium.