Star 82 Review 1.4 Is Live!

Star 82 Review is the online and print magazine I founded last year. Now, four issues later, it is thriving! Wonderful writers and artists continue to send new work, readers comment, and interested people follow the updates on Facebook.

In our fourth issue, we look at what we lose and what we gain. When we make changes in our work, choices in our lives, we often discover something new. Sometimes the act of finding leads to knowledge, sometimes to pain, sometimes to a wild mix of varying emotions.

New art this issue: we've got words made from photographs by Ron Nath, whose art may be found in Art-O-Mats around the country, and close-up photos of Celeste Maia's book art. These are only two samples of the talented artists and writers featured throughout.

The stories, poems, and artwork in this Winter issue 1.4 deal with lessons, failures, and successes that may only be temporary. It's Winter so we've got snow (well, some of us do: we certainly have weather), we're looking at food, and seeking out warm places to curl up in order to sleep and dream and comfort oneself. Maybe we find home.

Contributors to Star 82 Review 1.4
Amina Aineb
Matthew Antonio
Claire Aviles
Ha Kiet Chau
Belinda Chlouber
Su Cho
Cassandra-Halleh Delaney
George Dila
Cal Freeman
Susan Gundlach
Allan M. Jalon
Celeste Maia
Stephen Mead
Ron Nath
Stanley M. Noah
Raul Palma
Charles Rammelkamp
Rosemary Royston
Luz Marina Ruiz
Connolly Ryan
Anthony Santulli
Miles Stearns
Eric Tran
Tina Vivian
Shelton Walsmith
Meeah Williams

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