Creative Arts Challenge: Week 1

In an earlier post I mentioned creative arts challenges: one was a one-hundred-day project, others meant to last for 365 days, and I said I would begin filling this little date book and see what happened. Here is the first week: a theme and variations on a photograph I took the first day.

It was interesting to see how many different media I could use. In order: photo I took/inkjet printout, graphite/colored pencil, collage (using only colors and textures, no representational images), brush marker,  watercolor, waxed paper transfer, collage from chocolate wrapper.


BFayBooks said…
Oh! What a great idea! I was doing a giant paper sorting and discarding (REcycle!) today and came across an extra 2014 week-at-a-glance calendar. I LOVE this idea of yours. My calendar is small enough that I should be able to fill each section by the end of a week. Thank you for this post, what an inspiration!
BFayBooks said…
I did start this and am enjoying it! I am putting pictures of my first few pages up on my blog at Fan River Press. Thanks for the inspiration!