Accessorize with Star 82

New! We have some fun and quirky *82 Review accessories that any artist or writer might be pleased to own! You can accessorize your bookshelf, of course, with our (so far) four print issues of Star 82 Review by ordering them from Amazon (and bundling with others orders for free shipping): Star 82 Review 1.1, Star 82 Review 1.2, Star 82 Review 1.3, Star 82 Review 1.4, or get them from CreateSpace at these links (click the numbers on the left):

1.1 Creative (it is difficult to explain "creative")—preview image below
1.2 Skin (identity crisis)
1.3 Floating (shared languages)—preview image below
1.4 Haunting Story (creative dream)

If you've been there and done that, take a look at the *82 accessories from cafepress. You can search on their home page for "star82review" or go directly to our designs for earrings, tea canisters, tote bags and more on our profile page.

Here is a preview of just a few of the designs you can choose from to support our publication.

Thanks for looking!