Opening of PrintWorks

A steady crowd of art students, teachers and friends attended the opening for the PrintWorks show on Wednesday night. Much of the excitement centered around 50 Cent Prints! Imin Yeh's print dispenser. My household alone pumped sixteen quarters into the machine. Those who got duplicates were happy to trade. 

Nance O'Banion: hand, ear
Marsha Shaw: birds
Imin Yeh: morale box 
?: my life
Amber Fawn Keig: portion of her lithograph "Attainment"

And, he gets one of Nance's ears!

This view is the street and art students wearing black
as seen through part of the hanging portion of
Laurel Prieto's installation, "Maybe We Are Safe Here,"
screen printed and hand stitched on fabric and paper.
Lots of hand stitching around the edges of the hands and arms.
I learned from her work that you can still work small if you like,
and multiple small pieces add up to one big installation.

(I agree it would be nice if the trashcan was not there.)

Erik Madsen's full installation, "Ricochet."
(Yes, apparently there is a multiverse.)

The ball has changed since the last photo/post:
now it has letters and numbers on it
and we all want to ink it up, roll it around and print it!