Star 82 Review 2.1 is Live!

It's March, we're anticipating the equinox, and that means another quarterly issue of the art and literary magazine Star 82 Review has been released!

In Issue 2.1, we're looking for color in the spring. Or not. We can't help but notice new buds, bright sky, skin beginning to show again. Excitement, maybe, new beginnings, could be. Renewal of view, maybe vow. In the mirror we see something in our peripheral vision, a movement just out of sight. Or an alternate identity.

There's trouble. There's music. Graffiti, visions, pools filled and empty. We have a new poem, just written, by acclaimed poet Joanne Kyger, photos by Mary Daniel Hobson that look like tattoos, but aren't, photos of grotesques by Ron Nath, an erasure text from two pages of Frankenstein by Jønathan Lyons and so much more. We're unsure of ourselves, spinning, a little wobbly, trying out spring's new shoes. But our "ardent curiosity" pushes us forward.

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Save the Date! In cooperation with Another Room Book Arts, Star 82 Review is having an event at Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore in Berkeley on Sunday, April 27th at 4pm. See their listing or news on my website.

Contributors to Star 82 Review 2.1:
Amina Aineb
Richard Baldasty
Salena Casha
Peter Cherches
Chelsey Clammer
Dawn Corrigan
Frank De Canio
Sally Decker
Karen B. Golightly
Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez
Michael Hemmingson
Mary Daniel Hobson
Ted Jean
Eddie Jeffrey
Vanessa Couto Johnson
Max Jacob, trans. by Alastair Johnston
Sarah Katharina Kayß
Sarah Kobrinsky
Joanne Kyger
Daniel Lehan
Terry Lucas
Jønathan Lyons
Gina Marie Mammano
Ron Morita
Ron Nath
Eric Otto
Sasha Piergeorge
Jessy Randall
Daniel Romo
Jordan Sanderson
Alex Sarrigeorgiou
Fabio Sassi