Bookwork + in CCA Students' Senior Shows 2014

I teach two Bookworks studio classes in the Printmaking Program at CCA: Bookworks I is an overview and general intro to bookbindings and book concepts with lots of hands-on making, and Bookworks II is for those students who have an individual project or two in mind and want to go deeper in one area, do some research, and make one to three finished book projects. Because it is an elective for most students, only about one to three students return for Bookworks II each year. This semester, two very wonderful students who have taken both classes—Sami Graf, a printmaking major, and Lucy Dill, a drawing and painting major—are graduating. I'm sad I won't get to continue working with them, but I was pleased to see their senior shows. That they included books in their shows was a plus.

She made a book mounted to a wood panel so it would hang on the wall.
Each page has a line of text in which the words are all erased except the word
"should" and the last page has the reverse. 
She left a shadow of the text, however, so you can read it if you like.
Very nice concept and reveal/conceal possibilities!
The book, with its shadows, appears to have wings.
The connection between the chair paintings?
Folding and unfolding.


The first book has a series of tiny aquatints (etchings).
She's cut windows in the pages so they are framed nicely.
I believe the text is done with a transfer pen.
Both books are circle accordions with hard covers.

"candle / doorknob / dirty spoon / floorboard"

"Concealed in chasms / fairy fire glows"

She told me she used her bookmaking skills to build these houses out of
book board. More tiny etchings on the walls.

The second book has only words
and cutouts.
Simple, effective, and very cleanly done.

"I feel an altered reality / a shift"

Sami placed variations of these iridescent forms on the floor around the gallery.
They appeared in her works as well, such as on the cover of the second book.
I'm not exactly sure, but I think this is the creative spirit pool
or the "fairy fire" she mentions.