Star 82 Review Summer Issue 2.2 is LIVE!

The sixth issue of Star 82 Review, the art and literary magazine I started in 2013, is now available online and in print.

Like rivers, rocks, and beaches, the pieces in 2.2 seem to be about surviving, but gradually they become thoughts about how we take care of one another, how we manage ourselves, how we often judge too quickly, how we discover compassion and hope. 

In this issue, some of our visual highlights are a two-part poem about war and peace by book artist Bea Nettles, created from photographs of names and words on gravestones, and photographs transferred to bread by Shervone Neckles that comment on heritage and religion. More wonderful paintings from Shelton Walsmith and a powerful erasure text by Andrea Janelle Dickens are among the strong selection of artworks. We have a short story from Bryan Kring, one of three book artists featured in San Francisco Center for the Book's Small Plates edition this year, and we include and conclude with our first comic-a completely visual narrative by Stewart Moore.

Poet Shareen Knight has woven jeweled miniatures with words. Bill Vernon is back with a humorous and poignant memory. And we have a Surrealistic poetic scene with three people passing time in a plane by Nils Michals, among the other thoughtful writings.

Wes Adamson
Jess L. Bryant
Jeff Burt
Peter Clarke
Howard Richard Debs
Andrea Janelle Dickens
Joachim Frank
Ted Jean
Bonnie S. Kaplan
Shareen Knight 
Bryan Kring
Mary Larsen
Daniel Leach 
Carolyn Martin
Nils Michals 
Stewart Moore
Susan Morehouse
Shervone Neckles
Bea Nettles
Douglas Penick 
Gerard Sarnat 
Merna Dyer Skinner 
Allison Thorpe
Bill Vernon
Shelton Walsmith
Kirby Wright


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