Star 82 Review Fall Issue 2.3 is LIVE!

The seventh issue of Star 82 Review, the art and literature magazine I started in 2013, is now available online and in print. We have a diverse array of poems, stories, and art featuring things broken and mended, duality and comparisons.

Book artists featured in this issue are Alastair Johnston, with a colorful translation of a Max Jacob poem, and Bryan Kring, with his short-short story Raft. We also have some wonderful pictures with words on them by David Fullarton and Stephanie Brody-Lederman in the company of other short and lively writing and art.

Two ways  to read:
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Contributors to 2.3
José Angel Araguz
Anna Bagshaw
Rachel Belth
Laura Breitenbeck
Stephanie Brody-Lederman
Howard Richard Debs
Ariana D. Den Bleyker
Lucia Dill
Sarah Dravec
Joachim Frank
David Fullarton
Bernard Grant
Shane Guffogg
Kamden Hilliard
Max Jacob / trans. Alastair Johnston
Gabriel Kalmuss-Katz
J.I. Kleinberg
Sarah Kobrinsky
Bryan Kring
Rick Krizman
Jennifer Martelli
Carolyn Martin
Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco
Jennifer Metsker
Masashi Musha
Ron Nath
Shervone Neckles
Coco Owen
Winston Plowes
Jeannette Ronson
Sloan Thomas
Natasha Van Zandt
Shelton Walsmith
Ali Znaidi

Interested in submitting work for possible inclusion? 


Jennifer S. said…
I am interested in submitting work! How to proceed?
Thank you,
Jennifer Schultz
Alisa said…
Dear Jennifer and everyone,
To submit work, click on the link in the post "submitting work." Read all the guidelines. Then you will need to create a free account with Submittable, the submissions manager. It's fast and easy to do. Or you can log in with Facebook. See the Submittable page for that.

After that, you log in, follow instructions, upload your file(s) and in a few days, I'll let you know if I can use your writing or art.

If you are submitting photos of artwork it must be high quality, professionally photographed is best, or at least good lighting, in focus and roughly 4 1/2" wide at 300 ppi.

Everything you need to know is on the Star 82 Review website under "Submissions."