Thursday, November 13, 2014

Persimmon Walk

We get teased about not having discernible seasons in California, but in Berkeley the persimmon tree is quite distinctive. I found it interesting and exhilarating to walk while looking carefully for something, with a goal in mind, but letting myself be open to beauty (a word we don't hear much in regards to art nowadays) as I explored how many persimmon trees line my usual morning walk. 

(yes, I know. these are lemons and plum leaves)

leaves haven't turned yet, and no fruit in sight

eater of persimmons

one block past my normal turnaround:
bonus! a Little Free Library

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carolann said...

I am filling album book for daughter for her 50th as a surprise. I have till Feb so allot of time to decide where each pic goes. I use many pictures and fun graphics on many too.
I enjoy all the pics you are showing.