Echoes of Books in Nature

After playing with the Fishbone Fold from this post, I took a walk and found echoes of the structure in nature. Took some photos and brought the images back to the studio to replay.

I measured and masked, then painted a large piece of Velin Arches,
which looked like this:

For the shaped books, I did not fold the initial horizontal line, but 
I did measure and mark it, made my curvy cuts, then erased the marks.
Scored across the connecting 1/2" bones, then folded up.
Some of the books have slightly different measurements to 
allow for stems or to create the layered fishbone look.


Anonymous said…
These are all marvelous. I keep changing my mind which is my favorite but I do love the shaped ones. I find this variation much more appealing than the odd original. If you aren't already familiar with it, you might enjoy "The (Fabulous) Fibonacci Numbers" by Posamentier and Lehmann which discusses, among other items, their relationship to botany.
Best wishes, SusanJ
Alisa said…
Thanks Valorie, for the kind words and Susan J for those as well as the recommendation. Sounds interesting! I will check it out!
Velma Bolyard said…
i like these so much, seeing them be in that structure for a reason takes them further. i wonder what's next?
Alisa said…
Thanks, Velma!

I love the question, "What's next?" It opens up so much to so many.

An excellent student just asked me how she could bring her work to the next level, and I had to answer with another question: "Where do you want to go?"
Hi Alisa! Thanks for mentioning my blog post. I've been quite surprised at how many people have told me how much they've enjoyed playing around with this fold. And I really like your curvy cuts!
Bhavna mehta said…
Thank you Alisa. I finally took the time to follow one of your tutorials. I just love this structure. Its great how it just worked :)
Alisa said…
Hi Susan,
Thanks for your comment! Absolutely! There is so much potential in this structure.

Bhavna Mehta—
I am very glad it worked for you! Have fun!
This is a really cool book structure, and beautiful examples of its execution, but the pairing with structures from nature is absolutely wonderful! Great post!
Gina Pisello said…
What a lovely palette of painted books. I really like the wavy lines on some of them. Thank you for sharing your creativity.