Set up a Four-Page Chapbook in Word

A chapbook is usually a single-signature pamphlet that contains a small amount of text and/or images, often poems. Here is a simple example of how you might arrange two pages, front and back, to print double-sided, long-edge. The design below allows for 5 content pages in addition to the title, half-title, decorative endpapers, and colophon.

Document: margins are .5 at the top, left, right; .8 at the bottom.
Header and footer: .5
Columns: 2; 3.25 each with 1 inch between them
Always use a "column break" at the end of each column.
Details about type and design are contained in the pamphlet.

To print one out yourself, download a pdf here.
Instructions for a more complicated, 12-page booklet, with multiple signatures are here.

First page

Second page





Binding instructions on page 95 of 

Cover paper used here: Strathmore Charcoal paper

Note: the decorative page may be placed between the cover paper and the title page instead of how it is shown here.


Cathy Reeve said…
Ok, I love this! One question - the two column setup is no problem, but how are you accomplishing the top/bottom split so that you have four pages per side? I would probably have tried something like inserting a table, but I'm sure there's a more elegant approach :)

Thanks -

Cathy Reeve said…
Figured it out! I just have to do two pages/sheet - I guess I should have known that :) Thanks for a great post.