More Painted Paper and Circle Accordion

The circle accordion is my go-to book structure. Last weekend, having freed up some time, finished up some obligations, I thought I would dive into the next big thing or rework the old thing. Except I really didn't have the energy to rev myself up. I knew that painting paper would relax me, and I had written a poem recently that I could think about while I painted. Of course, my vision changed completely once it became ink and water on the page, but just committing to the idea got the project going.

I began by making two brushstrokes/puddles of clean water, then added ink and salt and water spray much like I did here, but constrained this time to the puddles. (You can see the technique, "Wet-on-Wet" in Painted Paper: Techniques & Projects for Handmade Books & Cards on page 37.)

After letting it dry, I painted around it. Went back in with acrylic gesso, scratched into it ("Gesso and Sgraffito," page 67), and highlighted certain edges with the gesso. It certainly wasn't a painting of clouds anymore; it looked more like plants.

I cut the painting into strips, then folded them for the Circle Accordion (page 119 in Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms and page 126 in Painted Paper). I attached the strips with self-adhesive linen tape, and wrote the text with a pen dipped in black acrylic ink. The pages tend to become more interesting when certain colors or different elements appear. It is much easier to paint when you know it will be cut up. You can even plan for it.


Tom Hitt said…
Excellent. Exactly the type of thing I want to get into next. I'm really enjoying your published books, every time I sit down to read about a technique I'm inspired to get back into the studio and create something new. Thanks for the blog too!! ~Tom Hitt~
Debbie said…
This is a beautiful book, love the colours.
bhavnaumehta said…
Thanks to you Alisa, the circle accordion is my go-to structure as well. I love it for many reasons and its one of the most satisfying book structures to make.
Alisa said…
So wonderful to hear!
Thank you, Tom and Debbie and bhavnaumehta, and continued good luck with your projects!
apiecefullife said…
A lovely, clever book.