A Quilt for the Letterpress

"Hot off the press" takes on a different meaning here. Sorry, couldn't resist. It's not that the press needs a quilt to stay warm in the winter (which is when I finally quilted the top and bound it) but it is handy to keep the dust off, especially if you don't print for weeks, possibly months at a time.

Okay, perhaps extravagant for a dust cover.

Some time ago I had pieced some patches taken from a worn pair of linen pants, parts of a canvas drop cloth, and a burlap bag packaging some sherry (Dry Sack), stenciled with white and black gesso onto them with pre-made letters and homemade images and had just been draping the cloth over the press anyway. The edges were raveling a bit. It seemed like time to finish it. The border and back are made from good parts of a threadbare flannel sheet, the binding is commercially bought, yet found around our house. I quilted it with embroidery thread to echo some of the patterns in the images, which seemed to be groupings of rectangles like censored words.

I know it's Spring, but that's what I did on my Winter vacation.
Just catching up.


Lucia Sasaki said…
Beautiful and simple.
Very inspiring.
Thank you!