Star 82 Review Spring Issue 3.1 Is Live!

The ninth issue of Star 82 Review, the art and literary magazine I design, edit, and produce is now available online and in print. It is 66 pages and features the fogginess of relationships with one another and with the places where we find ourselves.


This particular issue features artwork by three of my California College of the Arts colleagues: scratchboard art by Nance O'Banion; a rolling ball pen drawing by Tim Sharman; and a memorial tribute to painter Yee Jan Bao, in addition to some inspiring, smart, and heartfelt work by these wonderful new and returning contributors.

José Angel Araguz
Steven Babin
Yee Jan Bao
Micki Blenkush
Tommy Dean
J.J. Deur
Reannon Dykehouse
Karen George
Alisa Golden
Charles Hansmann
A.D. Hurley
Allan M. Jalon
Allison Jensen
Lee Kisling
Catherine B. Krause
Ethan Leonard
Chris Mink
Gary Moshimer
Logan Murphy
Abra Deering Norton
Nance O'Banion
Olivia Olson
Deonte Osayande
Xan L. Roberti
Tim Sharman
Louis Staeble
Heather Steinmann
Shelton Walsmith
Luke Warm Water
Chila Woychik
Yuxing Xia

This is a beautiful, full-color magazine.
Please help support it by buying a print copy!
For your convenience, Star 82 Review 3.1 is also available on Amazon.


Hi Alisa! This is a beautiful issue, as always!