Reading Frank O'Hara

The first bit of reading I did on campus today cheered me.

Text me 206 --- ----
I will meet you anywhere on campus
and read you a Frank O'Hara poem
This week only.
Then I have to return the book.

(I blocked out the number for privacy purposes.) Because this was probably the work of a student and I am a teacher, I did not attempt to make contact. It occurred to me after class, though, that I should have gotten one of my students to have the person come read to us. Ah, well. 

I love this: "This week only. Then I have to return the book."

Interesting choice, Frank O'Hara. I just read him for the first time last summer and wrote a little post here. I recommend that you get a copy of Lunch Poems and read one to anyone who will listen. Oh, of course! It's National Poetry Month, folks. Copy one over for Poem in Your Pocket Day and carry it around on April 30, 2015.