Art at the Contemporary Jewish Museum (Pt. 2)

Tucked into a corner on the ground floor of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, beyond the restrooms, is a warm and inviting place to make art with kids, your friends, or just by yourself. Currently featured is "Artist's Studio with Ascha Drake."

Every Sunday they have Drop-in Art-Making as well. Even though I have my own studio, the workshops are described in an enchanting and inspiring way that makes me want to go to all of them. Ascha Drake will be there on June 28. There is a tempting wall of oversized pegs like Lite-Bright.

The workspace offers Drake's photos of textured walls and places for inspiration as well as tiny scraps of the photos to incorporate into collages to make on a pre-punched card.

There are lovely rolls of colorful tape, scissors, and hole punches. Textures to rub with crayons, lots of string. I really wanted to sew something with all that string. 

In the end, I made a tiny circle accordion and taped it to the card; words immediately found their way in.

I was there after 5pm, so the place was quiet. I waited for a young couple to finish before I sat down to work on a quick project in solitude. They giggled in the photo booth while I worked.

This is part two of a three-part series about Books, Art, and Poetry at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.