Star 82 Review 3.2 is LIVE!

The tenth issue of Star 82 Review, the art and literary magazine I design, edit, and produce is available online and in print. Issue 3.2 is 56 pages and contains humanity, humility and humor through ceiling fans, circular stories, orbs, and orbits. Poetry grows out of Celeste Connor's books. Gregory Piatt's paintings of archery targets in nature are left in nature to dry. Perspective changes depending upon how large or small we are and from which angle we are looking.


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This particular issue features themes of heritage, nature, and word play, games and tricks we play. 

José Angel Araguz
Daniel Ari
B.J. Best
Celeste Connor
Colby Cotton
Sharmon Davidson
Natalie D-Napoleon
Frederick K. Foote, Jr.
Susan Gundlach
Ross Howerton
Janne Karlsson
Eve Kenneally
Philip Kobylarz
Richard Kostelanetz
Angel La Canfora
Richard Leavesley
Richard LeBlond
Ann Lewis
John Lowther
Rebecca Macijeski
Todd Mercer
Michelle Murillo
Charles O'Hay
Gregory Piatt
Charles Rammelkamp
Andrew Rhodes
J D Trejo-Maya
Julie Turley
Shelton Walsmith
D.S. West

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Thank you so much, Alisa, for asking me to participate; I'm honored.