Friday, August 21, 2015

And I Thought It Was A Feminist

I took a picture of this plant in April to illustrate my Reading Judy Chicago post. It seemed to be very "female-centered," and reminded me of her feminist work.

I walked by a couple days ago. It's August, four months later.

First I laughed out loud. It even has its own fire hydrant.

But looking at it another way, feminism can come in many forms, and does. I've known men, both gay and straight, who call themselves feminists. Why not?

Interesting that Taylor Swift said that feminism is important because "it's basically another word for equality." (reported in the New York Times 5/19/15) It shouldn't have to take until you are affected to realize what it's about.


Sharmon Davidson said...

This made me laugh, and I think Taylor Swift is right about feminism. Also wanted to let you know that I bought a print copy of *82 review 3.2, and it's lovely. I want to thank you again for including my work in this wonderful publication.

hawker9999 said...

That is hilarious! Thanks, for sharing your story.

Alisa said...

hawker9999—you're welcome! thanks for the feedback.

Sharmon—so nice to include your work. I'm glad you are happy with *82! thanks for writing.