Another Monoprint with a Gelli Plate

Here is another monoprint made simply with a Gelli plate, like the ones in this post

A clean plate.
I've set it on a piece of paper that is the same size as
the paper I will be printing on.
My hope is to be able to align the printing paper
with the guide so that my print will be in register.

I painted the plate as if it were going to be a monotype,
using many colors, as if it were a painting all by itself.
I added some cutout paper rectangles as masks.

Print and plate.
Most of the paper cutouts remained stuck to the plate.
The ones that didn't I had to pick off with a tweezers.
The plate is pretty clean. I decided to continue without printing a ghost.

Painted purple and some yellow where the "windows" are.

Print and plate.
The sky is darker now, which makes the buildings stand out a bit better.
But there isn't any motion.

I decided to add stars. I used a star hole punch to create a stencil.
Painted milky white on the plate.

Print and plate.
Stars came out nicely.
Kind of sorry I added the white brushstrokes on the buildings and road, though.

I painted maroon on the bottom and printed it.
This made the road dark again.

I painted blue on the bottom and 
put little pieces of string down for texture, then printed it.
Putting the project to bed for now.