New Letterpress Book: Better Say Eagle

Thinking about book art exhibitions where "Do Not Touch" is the norm, I dreamed and then created a paper sculpture that resembles a book, but is easily read without handling. At the same time I thought about how people will look at the cover and see if it grabs them before they pick it up and look inside. This book is the cover. Or the jacket, rather. It displays well as a paper sculpture; you can walk all around it and read all of the contents. The book, then, is fully exposed, easy to flatten, and able to be stored or matted and frame as a print and displayed on the wall. 

After looking through all the poems I wrote this summer and in the past year to see if I could find a theme, I found several that dealt with a flip side of patriotism, most based on true stories. The five poems I included take a look at honesty, service, invisibility, power, and irony through cleaning, team training, military awards, a bug, and clich├ęs. The prints are of bald eagles, a target, and combat boots and talons. Taken together, they are a powerful and playful set of words and images.

I set all the Caslon Oldstyle type by hand and carved linoleum blocks, all  printed on my letterpress one at a time in six colors on sturdy, thick, cotton Stonehenge paper.

Fully extended as a print: 21.5”w x 10”h
As a paper sculpture: 6” x 10”h x 1.5”w

Order your copy at nevermindtheart!


Anonymous said…
Beautifully creative!