Sacked Out: from Bag to Pillow

My friend Celeste took a trip abroad this summer and brought me back a sack. Not an ordinary sack, but a sack with letters on it. Not just letters, but find-a-word style. I wondered at first if there were any words in English other than the ones that were printed with red circles around them. The letters looked suspiciously Scandinavian. It was printed with the same letters on both sides.

I told her I thought I would embroider it. She said she had a darling basket of floss from an elderly friend, (my story based on the friend is here), and if I would use it, she would pass it along to me. Yes! I would use it! It was a darling basket.

It has a sampler and an instruction sheet. 
It is not dated.

We have some Glossilla (no relation to Godzilla).

The internet gives me a rough date of early 1900s. The previous owner is in her nineties, so these could be from the 1930s-1950s.

This one is also Glossilla, but it is boil proof.
"Brighter than Silk."

J. & P. Coats 
Six Strand Floss
9 yards
Skein Pat. Dec 27, 1921
one is marked 8 cents

Royal Floss
Fast Color
Carlson Currier Co.
Phoenician Dyes

I got so inspired, I bought a wooden needle case from The Caning Shop.

And so, after marveling at the labels and colors,
I went to work.

When I was finished, I removed the handles.
At Jo-Ann's I got a 14" pillow form.
And sewed it inside.

The beauty shot.

But really, it's going to live in here.

Thank you, Celeste!

It made me think about letterpress printing my own words in a big grid…