February Workshops with Alisa Golden at SFCB

Save the dates! Come paint and bind with me! I'd love to meet you all. I'm teaching workshops this winter and spring at the San Francisco Center for the Book in 2016. We've just scheduled two for February: dates and descriptions are below. I'll be updating the info here as I get it, but you can keep checking the workshop page on the SFCB website, too. Registration is through the Center.

Sunday, February 7, 10am - 4pm 
Watches, Time, and the Hourglass Book

As we explore the connections between form and content, we'll draw and paint from watch parts and sundials and sew a softcover book with an hourglass binding.

Looking at time as inspiration we will first create stencils and paint on paper with gesso and acrylic inks. We'll then use our painted paper as the cover of this simple but elegant hourglass sketchbook or journal, which is based on multiple pamphlet stitches. In the beginning of the session we will draw and cut stencils and paint resists and washes. The latter part of the workshop will be devoted to binding the book, devised by Alisa. We'll also discuss further content development. All levels welcome!

Thursday, February 25, 10am - 4pm
Fish, Nature, and the Fishbone Fold

We'll explore the connections between form and content as we layer large sheets of paper with pearlescent acrylic inks, then bind one or more versions of a fishbone folded book originally devised by Hedi Kyle.

Looking at examples of natural connections such as fish and scales, the cloud formation known as "mackerel sky," markings on a "mackerel tabby" cat, and leaves of a redwood tree, we'll begin the workshop by painting large sheets of paper with sparkling pearlescent acrylic inks. Then we'll bind the papers into one or more variations of this flexible, visual and sculptural book and discuss further content development. All levels welcome!