Coupons for books and prints at Nevermindtheart

As a thank you for following, here are two coupons to choose from: either for free shipping from my Etsy store nevermindtheart for U.S. purchases (5.95) or for 10% off your total purchase there, no minimum.

In the store you will find multicolored nature prints such as the iris featured in this post, painted and letterpress printed books, several of the collage boxes that were featured in this post, and more. 

The code is good through 31 December 2015. Just type in JOY2015 for free shipping or SOLSTICE2015 for 10% off, and the special discount is yours. Thanks again!

Addendum 12/16/15: Make sure you find the box that says coupon code and type it in before you click payment. 
  1. Add something to your cart.
  2.  Look on the right hand side of the screen. There should be a blue phrase on the right: "apply coupon code."
  3.  Click that phrase.
  4. A box will appear. 
  5. Type in the code. 
  6. Then proceed to click on your form of payment.
It's a little confusing, but that's how they are doing it. Thanks for your patience.