Star 82 Review Winter 3.4 Is Now Available

The twelfth issue of Star 82 Review, the art and literary magazine I design, edit, and produce is available online and in print. Issue 3.4 is 60 pages and contains humanity, humility and humor through movement and relocation. Daily we relocate. Comfort falls away as we move from bed to feet, room to room, house to street. Our moving is ordinary at times, dramatic at others. Blink and refocus, get your bearings each moment as the scene and circumstances change. Outside, lined up, trees and bodies are dwellings, too.

To our art pages we welcome the work of Tsang Kin-wah, who represented Hong Kong in the Venice Biennale this year, Imin Yeh's slyly humorous collages,  and Marianne Kolb, painter of mysterious figures. These are only a few of the many gems among plastic rings, the game of Battleship, bottled water, brooms, and birds set into inspiring and moving writing and art.

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Shawn Aveningo
Z.Z. Boone
Virginia Boudreau
Roger Camp
Chua Yini
Keith Dunlap
Landon Godfrey
Howie Good
James Hartman
Kyle Hemmings
Dylan Henderson
Rachel Holbrook
Jenne Knight
Marianne Kolb
Rebecca Lee
Carolyn Martin
Noemi Martinez
Rupprecht Mayer
Jay Merill
Gina Mulligan
Toti O'Brien
Deonte Osayande
Ana Prundaru
Luke Schamer
Marsha Schuh
Tsang Kin-wah
Bill Vernon
Christopher Woods
Imin Yeh
Robert Zurer

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