These Small Steps (with a Nod to a Bone Folder)

As I was in production making a little keepsake for my upcoming talk at the College Book Art Conference, I noticed that when I creased one white cover, my bone folder left a mark. I hadn't really noticed before: my bone folder was dirty. Bone folder hygiene has never been my thing. I'm busy. But I washed it with warm water and soap. I admired it.

I took out the rest of my bone folders. I used to teach in my studio so I have lots. (Now it's like having several pair of reading glasses around the house or multiple pacifiers for a baby: always one in reach.) Most of them were grungy. Glue. Paint. Pencil marks.

 I gave them a scrub. They look good!

Gave them an overall touch up and sharpening with an emery board to finish.

 As I was washing the bone folders, I noticed the sink needed cleaning as well, so I washed that, too. One act of noticing led to a change, which led to another change. Maybe these small acts of noticing are steps to something even bigger. Who knows?

A little thing, really. But it's nice to start fresh somehow, some way, sometimes. In honor of the new year, perhaps.

Wishing you meaningful acts (both great and small), and a calm and creative 2016!


Margaret Cooter said…
"Small acts of noticing" - yes. Changing one thing at a time, small changes. Noticing the small changes... and thus it rolls on...
Velma Bolyard said…
i just love this post, alisa. you are so right about noticing, and then doing.
Walter said…
I have misplaced my favorite bone folder (one of two), and I'm bummed out. Your post has relieved my stress, I guess it's ok to own multiple bone folders. Thanks! ~TH~
Hilke said…
Amazing transformation of the folders with water and soap! And I like the red band in some of them, gives them a nice touch of colour.

Mhm, noticing small things, going from one thing to another. A nice thought, small steps leading up, up, up... Looking forward to seeing where it leads. (I came from the Kintsugi post, and like the idea of your drawing with gold.)