HOUSEWORK installed at Albany Library, CA

Last Sunday at the Albany Library, I installed my houses and their books and objects, and the house-shaped books and books related to home that I've made over the years. I went right at opening: 1pm, because I knew it would take time to arrange. I had everything prepared, but still it took two hours to set up. The glass shelves are quite heavy and needed to be adjusted, and I had to be mindful of the lights, which are only at the top, and how they hit all the objects below. And I had to answer questions periodically by pointing the people in the direction of the reference librarian, who would tell them where a film was being held. One of the library aides told me, once we'd locked the case, that I should have stood my statement up. In fact, I would rather people looked at the work than read the statement, so its placement, at the bottom, is intentional.

 Six houses and the quilt on the left.

On the right (top to bottom—links to available web pages):
1. My House I Sweep Out; Noises in the House (rattles)
2. Tea print ("I have insomnia"); unfinished house; Rock Dove,  
3. Mollie & Ezra (sketches); Chalk Voices; House print; T-ravel: Home
4. unfinished Albany house; Crows at Home

General library information is here. The six houses and quilt will move to Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, CA for the Art of the Book exhibit in May.


Carol Norby said…
This a beautiful exhibit! Our Asheville based BPAC (Book and Print Artists Collective) has been exhibiting at the Transylvania County Public Library once a year for several years and the librarians love seeing the exotic 'Artist's Books'. The library patrons can see that a book can take many forms.

Thank you for this timely post, I have forwarded it to the participants in the BPAC Think Tank for inspiration

Carol Norby
How beautiful. Must be so gratifying to see your completed work. Libraries are a great place to exhibit, so many people will see it!
Alisa said…
Thanks, Carol and Valorie!
I love showing in the library. Library collections have been my books' best homes. I like to show here particularly since I know they will be seen by people who might not otherwise see this kind of work.

When I get them back I still have the three to complete…
Sonia said…
A really beautiful and well thought out display Alisa.