Star 82 Review Special Flash Issue: 50/50-word Stories

Star 82 Review Special Flash Issue 50/50-word stories is now live!

Now in its fourth year, Star 82 Review (also written as *82) is the online and print literary and art magazine that I produce at each equinox and solstice, or thereabouts. In this special issue, which I've added between Spring 4.1 and Summer 4.2, each piece is only 50 words long. Part prose, part poem. The words in these stories are stepping stones; the writer plans the landscape, the reader plants the gaps. So much happens between the words and in the reader's imagination. Each work shelters an emotional treasure.

It is particularly exciting to feature related art from the authors or their friends/colleagues. Support the magazine by ordering a lovely 66-page print copy or subscribe today.

And on Amazon. A subscription and/or custom choice of 4 issues is available in the nevermindtheart Etsy store. 

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José Angel Araguz
Paul Beckman
Charlene Logan Burnett
Jonathan Cardew & Matt Ritchie
Chelsey Clammer
Victor Clevenger
Marion Cohen
Wesley Cohen
Dawn Corrigan
Ryan C. Daily
Carol Dorf
Jennifer Fliss
Joachim Frank
Casey Hampton
Brianne Holmes
Kate K Lore
Mohini Malhotra & Rasha Amin
Todd Mercer
Lynn Mundell
Jefferson Navicky
Toti O'Brien
Scott Ragland
Charles Rammelkamp
William Reichard
Eldon Reishus & Robert Del Tredici
Rosemary Royston
Daryl Scroggins
Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri
Steffi Shook
Scott Smith
Carole Stedronsky
Autumn Stephens
Tricia Theis
Robin Turner
Marcella Vokey
Julie Wenglinski