Book Art: Mrs. White Has Tea (again!)

I wrote and illustrated Mrs. White Has Tea way back in the last century. It's a little story of friendship, all the colors of the rainbow, and tea. My daughter, then two years old, asked me to read it several times a day. I had initially envisioned it as a coloring book, but it took a different turn. In any case, it proved to be popular for all ages at various Open Studios, so much so that after the first edition of 50 copies (laserprinted text, letterpress and rubber-stamped cover), 

I printed another 50 copies, 

then made a brighter version of 50 color copies. 

They've all sold out. Until now.

By popular demand, Mrs. White is back! I've revisited her, created a new cover, but kept the original story and drawings intact (although I did have to scan them and retype the text). This time she wanted to be on milky tea colored paper. For the cover I used tea and acrylic and walnut inks on Stonehenge and letterpress printed a linoleum block from my files. Found some sparkly multicolored metallic embroidery thread to bind the book. Same Onyx titling from handset type.

You can find this edition, another 50 copies of Mrs. White Has Tea, on Etsy at nevermindtheart.