I'll Be at the SFZinefest Sept. 4!

All these small books I've been making lately? I've had a hopeful, hidden agenda: my daughter and I applied to share a table at SFZineFest. We've gotten word that we are both IN, and we are very excited. What we've noticed about the Fest is the warm and inclusive community, not to mention the creative books and zines. You don't have to like everything, but everything is represented and priced reasonably, from photocopied and stapled, rough-edged booklets to small press offset and letterpress printed publications and the wide ocean in between. Topics cover the cats and cute to the edgy to the quite-beyond-mainstream. Did I say inclusive? Yeah, I did. That's just part of what makes it great.

I will also have a selection of *82 Review back issues for sale. If you let me know ahead of time, I'll bring a certain one for you.

So, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area over Labor Day weekend, please do stop by the Zinefest on Sunday, September 4, starting at 11am. It's in Golden Gate Park, and it is free. And we'll be there.

For more info, SF ZineFest website is here.

Some of these are already available at nevermindtheart on Etsy.
More to come! 


Kate Burroughs said…
Do you know where in Golden Gate Park the SFZinefest will take place? It is a big place to try and find something in if you don't know where it is happening.
Alisa said…
The SF Zine Fest link above has all the info, but I do know it is in the County Fair Building, which is on one edge of the Botanical Garden, pretty much at the main drive: 9th Ave and Lincoln.
If you come by, please do introduce yourself!