New Book Art: Alphabetical Lichencounters

I must be going mad. No, I'm just excited about the upcoming SF Zine Fest, and it is causing me to make more books this summer than I have made in a few years total. When I was in college I made six books a year. They were small-scale, meant to be affordable. I loved making them. I'm enjoying the process all over again.
  Now I present the latest, Alphabetical Lichencounters. Yes, I made up that word. Yes, it is a pun. My drawings of lichen, letterpress printed from photopolymer plates, fill the counters of select wood type letters. Counters are the closed parts of letterforms such as inside the O and A. I broadened the usage so I could choose lichen that were interesting and distinctive, even if their initial letters weren't closed. The lichen encounters the letterforms. The Pants book format includes the prose poem from my HOUSEWORK house, this time letterpress printed from handset type. I wanted to be able to share that piece with more people.

Lichen is interesting. You can't cultivate it. And it is algae+fungus, a symbiotic relationship between them. First became fascinated and drew them, posted the drawings here in 2013. Alphabetical Lichencounters, like all the other new books, may be found on my website, my Etsy store nevermindtheart, and with me at my table in San Francisco on Sunday, September 4, 2016, County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park, 11am - 5pm.

Fun Fact Addendum 8/16/16: Just got an order from Germany, which made me curious to see what "lichen" meant in German. It means union.


AES said…
That is a lovely book :)

My biologist student daughter told me that here was actually a paper published just last month that describes a third contributor to the symbiosis. Interesting stuff those lichens...
Alisa said…
Thanks, AES. An interesting article. And somewhat of a relief to see the third partner is also called a fungus. The subject of lichen must be in the air.
AES said…
Yes, the air is yeasty with it!

Sorry...couldn't help myself :)